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U.S. PIRG, Sen. Levin, Small Business Leaders Release "Picking up the Tab 2013: Average Citizens and Small Business Owners Pay the Price for Offshore Tax Havens"

April 4, 2013, WASHINGTON – With Tax Day approaching, it’s a good time to be reminded of where our tax dollars are going. U.S. PIRG was joined today by Senator Levin (D-MI), Joseph Rotella, the owner of a Massachusetts small business, and Scott Klinger, the Tax Policy Director of the American Sustainable Business Council and Business for Shared Prosperity, to release a new study which revealed that the average taxpayer in 2012 would have to shoulder an extra $1,026 in taxes to make up for the revenue lost due to the use of offshore tax havens by corporations and wealthy individuals.

American Forum: Scott Klinger, Half Time at the Federal Budget Super Bowl

Op-Ed By Scott Klinger
Distributed by American Forum, Jan 31, 2013. Known placements to date include Battle Creek Enquirer, Iowa City Press, Burlington Free Press, Madison Capital Times, many more

Congress dropped the ball in the midst of football season when it failed to strike a deal that provided sufficient revenue to invest in the creation of jobs and the 21st century infrastructure our nation so sorely needs. The federal budget Super Bowl is only at half-time. If you are a fan of small business and a better economic future, it’s time to make a lot more noise. 

Philadelphia Daily News: Talking Small Biz

He's forging ahead as a global matchmaker

Philadelphia Daily News, Jan 22, 2013

STEPHEN J. WEINBERG, 52, of West Mount Airy, is president of National Foundry Products, a company that serves as sales representative for overseas foundries and forging plants. He also has been a leader in fostering creation of B Corporations, which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Q: Tell me about your business.

A: Our clients are manufacturers in the metals industry and are looking for suppliers in North America.  …

Roll Call: Time for Plan C - Close the Floodgates on Corporate Tax Dodging

Op-Ed By Holly Sklar and Scott Klinger
Roll Call, Dec 28, 2012

With President Barack Obama’s Plan A that includes cuts to Social Security benefits and Speaker John A. Boehner’s Plan B that continues tax cuts for most rich Americans, it is time to consider Plan C — closing the costly loopholes that allow U.S. multinational corporations to use accounting tricks to dodge as much as $100 billion in taxes each year.

Bloomberg recently reported, for example, that Google has been using accounting maneuvers to shift $10 billion of profits to tax-free Bermuda ...

CFO: Small Biz, the Fiscal Cliff, and the Big, Bad Bank

As the clock ticks down on the fiscal cliff, small business wonders why it pays effective tax rates higher than Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Meanwhile, UBS is again revealed as a global fraudster.

By David Rosenbaum
CFO, Dec 27, 2012

Westerly Sun: Business leaders urge change in tax system

Westerly Sun (RI), Dec 27, 2012

A letter to President Obama and Members of Congress: We, the undersigned business owners and executives, want a tax system that is fair and provides sufficient revenue for the public services and infrastructure that underpin our economy.When powerful large U.S. corporations avoid their fair share of taxes, they undermine U.S. competitiveness, contribute to the national debt and shift more of the tax burden to domestic businesses, especially small businesses that create most ...

McClatchy Tribune News Service: A plea for tax fairness from small businesses

By Jim Spencer
McClatchy Tribune Regional News
Minneapolis Star Tribune, Dec 24, 2012. Also in Hispanic Business, Ames Tribune (IA), Grand Forks Herald (ND), Herald & News (OR), other papers

626 owners sign appeal to remember their importance during fiscal cliff negotiations.

WASHINGTON - The plea arrived from the hinterlands as a letter with 626 signatures of small-business executives, owners and operators, including 16 from Minnesota.

UPI: 'Fiscal cliff': Is there a Plan C to avoid tax increases, spending cuts?

By Marcella Kreiter
UPI, Dec 23, 2012

The lights are out in the U.S. House and the members are tucked into their homes for Christmas.

A year's work well-done behind them? Not hardly.

As they headed home at the end of last week having refused Speaker John Boehner's last-ditch plan to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff" and give them cover for tax increases -- a plan that had been pronounced dead on arrival in the Senate and also rejected by President Obama -- the nation remained in limbo. ...

Madison Capital Times: Wisconsin business owners join national call to raise corporate taxes

By Mike Ivey
Madison Capital Times, Dec. 23, 2012

When it comes to discussion about the looming “fiscal cliff,” publishing company owner Paul Tabili of Racine is tired of the claim from the right that taxes are related to the number of jobs.

“As a business owner for the past 12 years I can tell you this: Hiring isn’t tied to any tax rate, it’s tied to demand for your product,” says Tabili, owner of New Paradigm Graphics Inc., a family-owned business with two employees. ...

Charlotte Observer: Charlotte small business owners urge tax reform

By Celeste Smith
Charlotte Observer Shop Talk, Dec. 20, 2012

Several small business owners from the Charlotte area are among hundreds who have signed two separate letters to President Obama and Congress urging tax reform.

The letters, both listed as having more than 600 signatures, were sent by the American Sustainable Business Council, Business for Shared Prosperity and the Main Street Alliance. Business for Shared Prosperity is still collecting signatures on its website. ...

Politico: 'Revenue-neutral' tax reform takes hit

By Lauren French and Joseph J. Schatz
Politico, 12/14/12

Some liberals are putting corporations on notice: A tax reform next year could cost you.

Sen. Carl Levin predicted Friday that the Democrat-controlled Senate would not pass a corporate overhaul if it doesn’t raise hundreds of billions of dollars on companies — taking issue with the widely held notion that a corporate tax re-write should be “revenue-neutral.”

National Journal: Sen. Levin, Small Businesses Push for Corporate Tax Hikes

By Niraj Chokshi
National Journal, December 14, 2012 

It’s time to raise corporate taxes, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and small business owners said on Friday.

Tax-evasion tactics have led to an increasingly smaller effective tax rate for big corporations, putting smaller businesses at a competitive disadvantage, Levin and two small business owners said on a conference call with reporters. But the current fiscal negotiations offer a chance to right that wrong.

Washington Post: Sen. Levin wants corporate tax revenue in a fiscal cliff deal

By Suzy Khimm
Washington Post, Dec 14, 2012

This week marked the first time that President Obama has explicitly proposed corporate tax reform as part of his offer on the “fiscal cliff” — something that Republicans and large corporations have long been gunning for. But advocates for higher taxes on corporations worry that the White House and Congress will end up passing a fiscal cliff deal that would fail to force big companies to pay their fair share.  

The Hill: Corporate revenues must be in debt deal

By Bernie Becker
The Hill, Dec 14, 2012 

Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) pushed Friday for including tens of billions of dollars in additional revenues from corporations into any year-end tax-and-spending deal. ...

The Michigan Democrat also stressed that he would oppose any attempt to move the U.S. to a so-called territorial tax system that would shield offshore corporate profits from American taxation.

But while Levin said he thought President Obama and the Senate would oppose that sort of plan, he also said opponents needed to remain vigilant. 

Biz Times: Business leaders call for closing corporate tax loopholes

Biz Times (Milwaukee Business News), Dec. 14, 2012

Hundreds of business leaders across the nation, including several from Wisconsin, called on Congress and President Obama today to close corporate tax haven loopholes costing the U.S. Treasury $100 billion a year and reject “revenue neutral” corporate tax reform in a fiscal cliff deal that would lock in today’s historically low levels of corporate tax receipts.