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Columbia Business Report: Small businesses want corporations to pay fair share of taxes

Columbia Regional Business Report (SC), Nov. 4, 2011

A leader of a South Carolina small business organization has joined calls for tax reforms aimed at closing loopholes benefitting large corporations that off-shore jobs and profits.

The Hill: Lew Prince, Trickle down tax cuts: A broken record

By Lew Prince, managing partner of Vintage Vinyl, an independent music store in St. Louis
The Hill Congress Blog, 10/27/11

I’m one of those “job creators” members of Congress profess to admire so much. Thirty-two years ago, my partner and I started a small business with $300 worth of old records and a booth at the local farmers market. We’re now the biggest independent music store in St. Louis and employ 22 people. Our annual revenue is around $2 million. We’re a classic American success story...

Dow Jones: Small business coalition opposes plan they say rewards U.S. multinationals

Business Groups Back Proposal To Lower Taxes On Foreign Earnings 

- Business groups largely back Rep. Dave Camp's proposal to change the taxation of foreign profits

- Companies support lower corporate tax rate, switch to territorial system

- Small business coalition opposes plan they say rewards U.S. multinationals

By Kristina Peterson
Dow Jones Newswires, Oct 26, 2011

Washington Post on tax holiday, infrastructure bank

GOP: the party of maybe?

By Suzy Khimm
Washington Post blog, Oct 12, Updated Oct 13, 2011 

Huffington Post: Paul Ryan's Newest Tax Policy Talking Point Trips Over Reality

Excerpt: If Ryan's numbers are debatable, so too is the premise of his argument.

Inside Business: Biz organizations differ on health care

By Philip Newswanger
Inside Business (VA), Oct 7, 2011 

Not all business groups view health care reform as anathema.

In one corner, you have the National Federation of Independent Business and the National Small Business Association, both of which oppose the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derisively called Obama Care.

In the other corner are groups like the Main Street Alliance and Businesses for Shared Prosperity, which support the new health care legislation and are pushing to implement it.

Business News Daily: Progressive Small Business Groups....

...Often Go Unheard

By Jeanette Mulvey, October 5, 2011

The Hill: Frank Knapp, Let upper-end Bush-era tax cuts expire

Op-Ed by Frank Knapp, Jr
The Hill, Sept 21, 2012 

President Obama’s call for cutting the deficit by $3 trillion includes the roll back of the Bush-era tax cuts on the top income tax brackets, a move expected to bring in about $800 billion over the next 10 years.  

As expected the defenders of the wealthiest two percent of taxpayers, such as Speaker John Boehner, trotted out their bogus criticism of the proposal saying that it hurts small businesses, the “job creators”.  

Boston Globe: Job-creation Pitch Stirs Critical Reaction

Letter to the Editor
Boston Globe, 9/18/11

Dear Editor: A TAX holiday for US multinationals that ship jobs and profits overseas (“Want jobs? Reward hiring,’’ Op-ed, Sept. 14) would be unfair on many levels, including costing the US Treasury billions of dollars. But the biggest problem is that it wouldn’t work.

American Business Journals: Business: Demand, not tax breaks, will boost hiring

By Kent Hoover

American Business Journals, Sept 16, 2011
Numerous state and local editions 

Excerpt: Scott Pfeiffer, a principal at Threshold Acoustics in Chicago, thinks his business would benefit from President Barack Obama’s proposal to spend $25 billion on modernizing schools.

That’s because Pfeiffer’s firm provides consulting services to architects designing auditoriums, concert halls and churches.

“When architects are busy, we’re busy,” he said.

UPI: Deficit reduction: Common cents or common sense?

By Nicole Debevec
United Press International, Aug 21, 2011

Despite vocal resistance from congressional Republicans to raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, billionaire investor Warren Buffett urged Congress to do just that -- and his position was supported by President Obama and economists.

New York Times: Nervously Watching as the Economy Churns

By Robb Mandelbaum
New York Times, August 10, 2011

Wall Street, we know, is roiling. The extraordinary events of the last two weeks — the brinksmanship in Washington over raising the federal debt limit, the downgrade of the government’s credit rating by Standard & Poor’s, and the debt trouble across the Atlantic in Europe — have pummeled stocks and dizzied traders.

But how has Main Street reacted to all of this and to renewed talk of a double-dip recession? The New York Times asked small-business owners around the country whether they were feeling the effects of the economic turmoil and whether they were still trying to build — or just to hang on.